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Friday, February 15, 2013

DVD Review: SHE FREAK (1967)

Directed by: 
Distributed by:  Cheezy Flicks

  I had heard about the movie SHE FREAK for many years, but have just never had the chance (or made the time) to watch it.  I really didn't know anything about it, but I was very intrigued when I heard it was a loose interpretation/remake of the 1932 Tod Browning film, FREAKS.  

  FREAKS is one of my all time favorite films, so I knew I had to check out SHE FREAK.  Here is the basic plot from the Cheezy Flicks website:

Claire Brennen stars as a discontent waitress working in a small-town greasy diner, and looking for something more. When the circus comes to town, she finds herself attracted to its excitement - and secures a job with the traveling show as a food service worker. As the circus moves on, and she with it, life seems to be going well - new friends, steady work, a romance or two, and eventually a new husband - but she discovers that she despises the freaks and human oddities of the side shows, and uses her marriage to the Circus' owner to take control of the carnival. Now she must strike a balance between profit and patience, as the carnies and side show freaks set out to exact revenge on her for her Gestapo-like management techniques -- FREAK STYLE!

I enjoyed this film a lot, mainly for it's nostalgic feel, as it was filmed in 1967.  Be warned, though....do not go in to this film expecting another brilliant masterpiece like Tod Browing's film.  You will be disappointed.  This is a very watered down version of the film and doesn't really even use that many real "freaks" like Browning's film did.   While not nearly as good of a film overall, I think this film actually improves on the ending when the carnies get their revenge on the owner's wife.   In FREAKS, they turn the lady into a some sort of chicken like creature if I remember correctly.  In this film, they turn the woman in a half burned/scarred thing with one bugling eye.  Very creepy image and very good makeup effects for this time period.

This is a fun film that I would recommend...especially at the crazy price that Cheezy Films is selling it for over on their website  ($2.99!!!).  Not sure how long that price will last, so visit Cheezy Flicks to buy this film or any of their other great films they sell. 

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
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