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Friday, March 28, 2014


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1312230/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1BORDELLO DEATH TALES
Directed by James Eaves , Pat Higgins, and Alan Ronald
Distributed by Chemical Burn Entertainment

  I love horror anthology movies.  In horror anthologies, you have multiple mini movies within the movie, so if one story isn't interesting you, there is something completely different coming up soon.  Seems like with most anthologies, I find there is at least one story that is not so good.  That was not the case for me with BORDELLO DEATH TALES.  The film is comprised of 3 short films, all centered around the same brothel.  The films are quite different in styles which makes for a fun, enjoyable film.   Here is the plot synopsis from the Chemical Burn Entertainment website:

  Death, Booze, Sex, Ghoulish Grindhouse Murders Galore and more in this terrifying anthology film brouht to you by three of the most fiercely original, independent directors, working in horror today. “Bordello Death Tales” is an ambitious and impressive recreation of the golden age of Amicus with their trademark portmanteau horror anthologies. Jim Eaves (“The Witches Hammer,” “Bane”), Pat Higgins (“KillerKiller,” “Hellbride,” “TrashHouse”) and Alan Ronald (“Jesus vs the Messiah”) bring you three dark tales from behind the closed bedroom doors of Madame Raven's bordel

The three stories in this anthology are as follows:

THE RIPPER:  This story is about a serial killer that targets prostitutes.  He lures them to his home and tortures them in his garage, but the last one he takes home is not going out without a fight.  This was probably my favorite of the three stories, mainly because I'm a sucker for gore and this film had tons of it.

STITCHGIRL:  This story is about a man looking for the perfect girl for his time at the bordello. If the madame of the bordello doesn't have just what the men order, then she will make the perfect girl for him!   This was a very good film, shot mostly in black and white, this one is very atmospheric and cool visually.  Stitchgirl is made from the best parts of several prostitutes, making her like a modern day Frankenstein's monster.  She actually resembles Sally from THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and at one point the film looks awfully like a Tim Burton film.  If the director is a Tim Burton fan and was trying to pay respect to him, then he hit a home run with this one.  My sole complaint is a weird music video featuring Stitchgirl in the middle of this segment.  It seemed out of place and messed with the flow of the film. This didn't cause me to not enjoy the film though, but seemed worth mentioning.

VICE DAY:  I guess this one was my least favorite of the three stories, although I still enjoyed it.  This one is about a web cam session gone wrong.   A prominent politician has a web cam session with a local prostitute on what he calls, vice day.  It's a day celebrating a game he has played each of the last few years where he puts a bullet in a pistol, spins the barrel, puts the gun against his head and pulls the trigger.  Each year he adds a bullet, so every year his chances of survival get slimmer.   Will the prostitute on the other end of the web cam chat witness his final game?

BORDELLO DEATH TALES is available now from Chemical Burn Entertainment.

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