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Monday, May 19, 2014

Blu-ray Review: COUNTESS DRACULA (1971)

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065580/COUNTESS DRACULA
Directed by
Distributed by Synapse Films and CAV

  Thank you Synapse Films for another gorgeous release of another classic horror film.  The latest Hammer Horror film from Synapse is the great COUNTESS DRACULA starring the beautiful Ingrid Pitt.  Here is the plot synopsis from the Synapse Films website:

  The beautiful Ingrid Pitt (The Wicker Man, Where Eagles Dare) stars as Elisabeth Nádasdy, an aging Hungarian Countess who discovers she can reverse her aging by bathing in the blood of young women. While in her youthful state, the Countess falls for the handsome Lt. Imre Toth (Sandor Elès), and impersonates her own daughter to win his affections. Soon, girls in the village go missing… kidnapped and murdered by the Countess and her steward, Julie (Patience Collier) to satiate her horrifying bloodlust. Can Elisabeth live a life of deception with her grotesque lust for blood to stay eternally young, or will her ghoulish secret finally be revealed? Co-starring Nigel Green (Jason and the Argonauts, Zulu).
  Considered “one of the more underrated films from the latter days of the Hammer Films dynasty“ (Donald Guarisco, Allmovie.com), Countess Dracula is based on the real-life Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, a woman accused of torturing and murdering more than 600 girls.

 I am huge fan of Hammer Horror films.  They had such a unique vibe to them.  I can't really explain it, but there is a certain style you can see when watching a Hammer film and I love it.  COUNTESS DRACULA was another very enjoyable Hammer film.   The movie was shot well and acted well, and I loved the story.  I have always enjoyed stories and movies about the infamous Elizabeth Bathory, and this is another one I can add to my list of enjoyable films.  Ingrid Pitt did an amazing job as the title character in this film.   She is a joy to watch on screen, and really makes this movie.   Some people will say that this film is slow, and I can see that.  It is slow at some points but even then if you are a fan of Hammer horror films, you will probably enjoy the dialog like I did.   This film won't be for everyone, but if you are a fan of Hammer films, you will definitely want to add this one to your collection!

  COUNTESS DRACULA is out now on Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and contains the following special features:

*  Audio commentary with actress Ingrid Pitt, director Peter Sasdy, screenwriter Jeremy Paul and author Jonathan Sothcott
*  Immortal Countess: The Cinematic Life of Ingrid Pitt – Featurette
*  Archival Audio Interview with Ingrid Pitt
*  Still Gallery
*  Theatrical Trailer
*  Reversible Cover Artwork

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack



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