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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


https://www.tromashop.com/THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II
Directed by  and
Distributed by  Troma Entertainment / CAV Distribution

  If you are a fan of Troma films, then you definitely know about the TOXIC AVENGER films.  This is probably the #1 film series I think about when I hear the word Troma.   The Toxic Avenger character is by far their most popular character and I would assume most profitable.  He is truly a unique super hero!   Now, I have to admit, I had only seen the first Toxic Avenger film before now, so I was very happy when I saw that THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II had now been released on Blu-ray!  Here is the basic plot of the film from the Troma website:

  Toxie’s mean, green, and back on the screen! Melvin Junko was a nerdy 98lb weakling until he fell into a vat of toxic waste, turning him into the first ever superhuman superhero from New Jersey. This time the hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength takes on Tokyo. The Toxic Avenger Part II is a spectacular sequel with even more ingenious special effects, even more bizarre action, and even more unbelievably famous fight scenes. He’s come a long way from Tromaville, baby!

  Now usually sequels are not nearly as good as the original, but I have to say that I think THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II is just as good as the first.  I loved this film from the very opening scene till the end credits.    Like most of Troma's films, the film does not take itself seriously at all.  It is a cheesy movie with crazy dialog and some corny humor, and the typical Troma style gross out humor as well.   What this movie had that I wasn't expecting, though, was some excellent gore!  Most of the gore is pretty over the top and ridiculously unrealistic, but there was some gore in this film that looked amazingly real and actually made me cringe at times.  Part II of this film series also gives us some crazy, over the top fight scenes. 

If you were a fan of the original TOXIC AVENGER, you will definitely want to get your hands on a copy of this new Blu-ray.  THE TOXIC AVENGER PART II is available now on a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and contains the following special features:

*  Lovingly remastered HD presentation
*  New intro by Lloyd Kaufman
*  Director's commentary
*  Up close and personal with Toxie
*  A word from Troma's villainess Lisa Gaye
*  The Toxic Avenger on Japanese TV
*  The Toxic Avenger Saga trailers
*  The American Cinematheque honors 40 Years of Troma

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray / DVD combo pack



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