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Saturday, November 7, 2015

DVD Review: FLOWERS (2015)

Written & Directed by
Distributed by Unearthed Films and MVD Visual

 If you're one of those horror fans that have been complaining that there are no good, original, new horror films coming out these days, then you have not seen FLOWERS from Director Phil Stevens.  This is a film unlike I've ever seen....it's vile and disgusting, yet beautiful at the same time.  It's probably the closest you will ever get to an gore soaked art film.   Here is the basic plot of the film courtesy of the MVD Visual website:

  Some don't understand when the roller-coaster of life stops and their life ends. Some go up and others... find themselves in Purgatory to either find redemption or to choose damnation. Where do the murder victims go when they have a chance to choose' A mind-bending, artistic ride down the road to hell. Are you willing to damn yourself or accept salvation'

  Now, I have to be honest with you....I'm not sure I understand this film 100%.  I think that is ok though, I think that leaves it open to multiple interpretations by multiple people.   From what I gather from the film, we are looking at different murder victims who are in purgatory, which in this case is a disgusting, dilapidated old house full of dangers around every corner.   The film is unique in that it features no dialog whatsoever.  What is amazing about that, is that is doesn't need any.  The films is written and acted so well we can get the story from the actresses emotions and mannerisms captured on the film.   The film does contain sound effects and an amazing score which really sets the tone of the film. Also, FLOWERS was filmed with a very drab, yellowish tone, which really helped set the mood for the film as well.

  The films starts with one woman, making her way through a bloody, gore soaked crawlspace of the house.  When she comes up  through a hole in the floor, we now see a different woman.  The film changes between all the women in the "house" very seamlessly.   While this was part of what confused me at first, I soon realized there are multiple victims here and we are seeing all of their struggles, sewn together by the fact they were all victims of the same killer.

  As mentioned before, the acting in this film is amazing.  I know some might say it's easy to act when you don't have to say anything, but I think just the opposite.  I think that is actually harder.   Trying to tell a story with no dialog means that the actors and actresses have to rely on their visuals and emotional expressions only.  All the women in this film did an amazing job, and that was definitely not an easy task from what I saw.   The set pieces were extremely vile and disgusting, and the women in this film were usually right in there with it...being covered in blood, guts, and whatever other bodily liquids and body parts there were!  

  FLOWERS is a film you need to check out soon.   It's not for the easily squeamish, as there are some very disgusting scenes, but it is a very well made film and to me is a home run for first time director Phil Stevens.  I imagine we will see great things in the horror community from Mr. Stevens in the years to come!

  FLOWERS is available now on DVD and 3-Disc Limited Edition DVD from Unearthed Films and MVD Visual.   The single disc version contains the following special features:

*  Commentary with Phil Stevens
*  Commentary with Ronnie Sortor
*  Interview with Bryant w. Lohr Sr
*  Audtion Tape with Makaria Tsapatoris
*  Behind the Scenes Stills
*  Unearthed Trailer Reel
*  Isolated FX Track

The 3-Disc Limited Edition DVD contains all the special features above, plus the following:

*  Floravision: The Making of Flowers
*  Deleted Scenes (with optional Commentary)
*  Storyboards Video Gallery (with optional commentary)
*  Kiss Me Whore Parts 1 & 2 Short Films
*  CD Soundtrack

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the  3-Disc Limited Edition DVD
CLICK HERE to purchase the Single Disc Edition



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