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Sunday, April 3, 2016

DVD Review: E.N.D. (2015)

Directed by:  Luca AlessandroAllegra BernardoniDomiziano Cristopharo, and Federico Greco
Distributed by One 7 Movies / CAV Distribution

  I am a huge fan of zombie films.  Zombie movies are probably my favorite horror sub-genre.  You never really know what quite to expect when going into a low budget zombie film like this, but I am happy to report that this was a very nice addition to the zombie film genre.  Here is the basic plot from the CAV Distribution website:

  Three different times, three different places, three different steps... of the plague.
  Day 1. Italy. In a funeral home. The owner of the agency, the hearse driver and the make-up man are forced to deal with an epidemic spread by cocaine. Soon, the corpses ready for the burial wake up in their coffins.
  Day 1466. When the epidemic already devoured the whole country, an American soldier and a pregnant woman are surrounded by zombies in a cabin in the woods. When the woman gives birth to her baby, the man understands that he has no more chance for survival.
  Day 2333. The country is divided in two factions. Some of our characters preserved themselves. Some… remained human beings.

  With the release and popularity of the hit T.V. show, THE WALKING DEAD, we have seen a huge surge in the amount of zombie films released over the past few years.  Some of them have been good, but more often they are not very good at all.   While E.N.D. is not the best zombie film I've seen lately, it was a very entertaining addition to my zombie film collection.    One thing about this film I really liked was how it showed the zombie plague from three very different points along the zombie plague timeline, starting with the very first zombie in the first part of the film, to a world filled with zombies in the third/final part of the film.   

  I want to particularly talk about the middle section of the film.  Part 2 was my favorite section of this film by far. I love the setting of a cabin in the woods with zombies coming from any direction.   This section had some of my favorite zombie effects and some of the best kills, including a zombie getting his face spaced in with a cinder block! 

  One thing to take note of with this film was the mixing of practical zombie effects with computer animated zombies.  While you could tell that some of these zombies were completely CG and fake, they were still very creepy with their fluid like movement/motions.

 For a low budget, independent horror film, I think the filmmakers did a remarkable job with this one.  Check it out if you get the chance. 
E.N.D. is available now on DVD from CAV Distribution and includes the following special features:

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
Interview with screenwriter Antonio Tentori
Photo gallery

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
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