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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Blu-ray Review: SORCERESS (1995)

Directed by
Distributed by  Synapse Films / CAV Distributing

  I love coming across a horror movie I have never seen or even heard about.   I like to think I'm "in the know" on most horror films, but I find out everyday there are films that have just missed me somehow.  This is one of those films.  Synapse Films has released the 1995 film SORCERESS to DVD and Blu-ray.   Here is the basic plot synopsis from the Synapse Films website:

  Larry Barnes (Larry Poindexter) is on the fast track to a partnership in a prestigious law firm, and his sexy witch wife Erica (Julie Strain, HEAVY METAL 2000) will do anything to keep her husband happy. But Erica makes a fatal mistake when she tries to kill Larry’s main competition for the partnership, Howard Reynolds (Edward Albert, GALAXY OF TERROR). With Howard now crippled for life from Erica’s dark magic, his wife Amelia (Linda Blair, THE EXORCIST) plots her revenge. Using witchcraft and a mystical medallion, Amelia tries to destroy everyone and everything in Larry’s life!
  All the pleasures of the flesh and malevolence of black magic collide in this newly remastered and uncensored version of Jim Wynorski’s SORCERESS (aka TEMPTRESS). Presented for the first time ever from a new 2K scan of the original uncut film element, this release features sex scene footage and additional nudity removed from the original release.

  I had no clue what to expect going into this film. What I got was a fun film full of witchcraft and tons of nudity.  What else would you expect from a film like this?!   This film feels like a typical 80's horror film.  I actually find it hard to believe it was made in 1995.  I would more easily believe this was made in 1985.  Everything about this film screamed 1980's to me, especially the hair and wardrobes of some of the main actors and actresses.
  Speaking of the actresses, this movie has some of the most beautiful actresses you will see in a film, and pretty much every single one of them has a nude scene (or multiple nude scenes) throughout the film.  I normally don't mention much about the nudity in films, but this film just had so much of it that a review would not be complete without mentioning it.  It basically feels like you're watching a movie on Cinemax or some other pay channel late at night. This is definitely not a film you want the kids around while watching!

  Other than the nudity, the film was actually pretty tame by today's standards in term of violence/gore. Most violence comes from people being shot, and there is no real gore to speak of in this film.

  While some may be disappointed in the gore/scare factor, or lack thereof,  I think everyone would have to admit they enjoyed watching this film.  If you haven't seen it yet, check it out for sure.  

  SORCERESS will be released on June 14th from Synapse Films and CAV Distributing.

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