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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Book Review: CONFESSIONS OF A SCREAM QUEEN by Matt Beckoff

http://www.bearmanormedia.com/confessions-of-a-scream-queen-by-matt-beckoff?search=confessions%20of%20a%20scream%20queenCONFESSIONS OF A SCREAM QUEEN
by Matt Beckoff
Published by  BearManor Media

  As horror fans, I think we are all familiar with the term "Scream Queen".   These are the legendary actresses that have graced countless horror films and have somewhat of a cult following.    CONFESSIONS OF A SCREAM QUEEN by Matt Beckoff is an amazing look into the minds, hearts, and careers of some of the top scream queens of all time.

  Here is a brief synopsis of the book courtesy of BearManor Media:

  In Confessions of a Scream Queen, writer Matt Beckoff interviews fifteen legendary "ladies of horror".  Spanning over nine decades of cinema, Confessions is filled with entertaining and informative recollections and personal insights  about Hollywood's best-loved horror films.  Included are some rare and never before seen pictures.

  Ok, so first off, let me give you the list of the 15 Scream Queens interviewed in the book.  They are as follows:

Carla Laemmle
Lupita Tovar
Janet Anngallow
Elena Verdugo
Coleen Gray
Kathleen Hughes
Judith O'Dea
Karen Black
Ingrid Pitt
Jessica Harper
Marilyn Burns
Betsy Palmer
Dee Wallace
P. J. Soles
Adrienne Barbeau

 Now, I'll be the first to admit, even with such a huge horror fan that I am, I did not recognize all the names on this list.  I knew most of them, but some I honestly had never heard of.  It was still interesting to read about them though, as I had seen many of the movies they had been in.  

  I was a little disappointed that my favorite Scream Queen of all time wasn't included, which is the amazing Linnea Quigley.  Other than that, I think Mr. Beckoff was able to put together an amazing lineup.   My favorite one to read about was probably Marilyn Burns, who played Sally in the greatest horror film of all time, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.   I had heard about the uncomfortable shooting conditions before, but it was eye opening to hear it told from the actresses personal witness of it.  Marilyn describes many times in the filming where things that should have been faked were actually real, mainly to save on cost.  She described one instance in which she actually got cut with what she thought was a fake knife.   Years later she found out it was in fact a real knife they filmmakers used, and they planned on using it and actually cutting her all along!    Many instances like this were described, which will make me see TCM a lot differently next time I watch it.

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