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Sunday, September 18, 2011


Written and Directed by:  Geoff Klein
Distributed by:  Well Go USA Entertainment

Don't let the title fool you....BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE is not a movie about girls ice-skating in bikinis.  No, the "on ice" in this film refers to literally putting the girls on ice...like in as an ice chest...after they have been killed.  Oh, and as you can probably guess, they are all wearing bikinis.
Here is a more detailed plot from the Well Go USA website:

Stranded on their way to a bikini car-wash fundraiser, a group of hot college girls find refuge in an abandoned gas station on the outskirts of town. Soon their broken down bus is the least of their worries as a maniac axe-man mechanic starts picking them off one by one.
Scared, alone and miles from help, the girls are faced with a psycho killer who wants to put these hot girls on ice. Instead of struggling to raise small change, the honeys are now in the biggest fight of their lives.

When I saw that Well Go USA was distributing this film, I was excited.  I have loved all their films up to this point.  I don't think I have ever done a negative review for them, so I was expecting great things from BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE.  Unfortunately, all winning streaks must eventually come to an end, and I am afraid BGOI is the film that has ended that streak of positive film reviews. 

Now don't get me wrong, this film is not awful.  I have seen worse...MUCH worse of films when it comes to slasher flicks.  It just wasn't as good as I hoped/thought it would be.  

The film is shot well and both looks and sounds great.  The filmmakers definitely know what they are doing in that aspect.  The problem is with the delivery.  First off, this is a typical slasher flick where hot girls are picked off one by one by a crazy killer.  We have seen that time and time again and to be successful with that formula in today's horror market, you have to bring something new with it to the table.  Unfortunately, there is nothing new here....except for every girls is in a bikini the entire time, but even that is not enough to add to a slasher film to make it unique...although it definitely didn't hurt matters either!  All the women in this film are gorgeous with perfect bodies, and they are showing them off the entire time (although in bikinis only...there is surprisingly very little actual nudity for a film with that title), so that helps the enjoyment factor a little bit.

The film does have a few good gore shots, most notably a throat cutting scene that is very realistic looking, but overall it is very tame with the kill scenes.  Except for the previously mentioned throat cutting scene, every other kill is an off camera kill, with the camera cutting away before we see anything happen.  The camera doesn't even cut back to show what happened, usually we just see some blood fly in the air or onto a wall and that is it, the scene ends or cuts to a scene of the killer taking the girl to the ice chest  and laying her on ice. 

This brings up some questions that I think needed answered in order to bring a lot more enjoyment to this film.  Why is the killer putting the girls on ice?   Does he need to preserve them in order to do something with them later?   And even more basic that that, why is he killing them at all?   We get absolutely zero back story when it comes to the killer...something that bothered me the entire time I was watching this film.   Maybe the filmmakers were saving this back story for a sequel or a prequel, assuming they will make another BIKINI GIRLS ON ICE film.    Hopefully they will and they can explain the killers back story, as I think that would help tremendously.

In director Geoff Klein's defense, this was his directorial debut.  I see some very positive things in this film and a glimmer of hope for his future films.  I hope Mr. Klein takes this review (and other negative reviews) not as bashing his film, but a form of constructive criticism.  This was not bad for a first effort and I can see a lot of potential for his future directorial efforts.

Special features on the DVD and Blu-ray include:

* Behind the Scenes
* Bloopers
* Deleted Scenes
* Trailer

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