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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blu-ray Review: MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD (2010)

Directed by Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and Tak Sakaguchi
Distributed by Well Go USA Entertainment

 I have said it before, and I will say it again.  I love Japanese Splatter films!!  I have loved them ever since I watched 2001's ICHI THE KILLER.   Other notable Japanese splatter films are THE MACHINE GIRL, ROBOGEISHA, and TOKYO GORE POLICE.  Well now we can add MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD to the list of classic Japanese splatter films.  Here is the basic plot synopsis from the Well Go USA website:
Rin is a seemingly normal Japanese high school girl, but on her 16th birthday, everything in her life changes when government special forces break into her home. After witnessing her mother’s face blown into bits and her father’s severed head falling into her birthday cake, Rin’s dormant mutant abilities are awakened: her arm transforms into a sharp, knife-encrusted claw, and a moment later, she finds herself standing in a pool of blood, surrounded by dead soldiers! Fleeing and fighting her way though her hometown, she encounters a group of girls who were also born as mutants, and call themselves the Hiruko. A breed of mutants who have existed long before the so-called “Japanese” invaded their homeland and began to persecute them, the girls have different special abilities: one can transform her arms into swords, one can grow tentacles from her fingertips, and one can grow a chainsaw out of her body. The team hone their skills under their demented and powerful leader, Kisaragi, for one purpose: to take revenge on the Japanese who have been persecuting their breed for ages, and to take over Japan and transform it into a land for mutants only! The revenge of the mutant girls will soon begin!
 As with most all the Japanese splatter films, this film is just crazy!  Crazy in a good way of course, and this one goes way over the top!   The effects in this film are amazing and the fighting scenes are choreographed very well.  The use of color in this film is amazing and really pops out at you when viewing in HD on Blu-ray.

 The plot is pretty simple, but that is not really why you watch this kind of film....it's all about the fighting and blood squirting, and there is plenty of that...along with head explosions, heads being sawed in half, dismemberments, and that's the normal stuff!!  Wait until you actually see all the different girls and their mutations including a girl with boob swords (yes, I just typed that), and a girl with a chainsaw coming out of her back end!  Oh, and did I mention the giant monster that spews acidic breast milk?  That is one you will have to see to believe.

  MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD is a must have for fans of this type of film.  The DVD and Blu-ray is available now and contains special features such as Opening Day Coverage, Interviews, a Making-Of documentary, a spin-off short called "Yoshie Zero", and trailers.

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
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CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray//DVD combo

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