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Friday, May 11, 2012

THE TAINT, full movie streaming FREE for a limited time!!

 Almost a year ago, I reviewed a crazy film called, THE TAINT.  You can read that review here.   Here is the plot of the film for those unfamiliar with it:

The water is tainted. The Taint poisons the minds of men. It turns them into raging misogynists: monsters who want nothing more than to crush women's heads with rocks (or other objects). When society is transformed into a land of sadistic violence and horrible brutality, it is up to Phil O'Ginny and his hot friend, Misandra, to combat the horrible evil that is The Taint. Can they survive a world brimming with castration and endless head crushing?!

If that sounds crazy, wait until you actually see the movie.  An instant cult classic in the making!  Don't believe me, then watch the movie and see for yourself for FREE!!   That's right....THE TAINT is streaming FREE for a limited time.  I'm not sure how long the filmmakers are going to keep the free screening going, so go watch it asap!   Then, visit the website and buy your own DVD or VHS copy of the movie!

CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website and watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to watch the full film for FREE!!!


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