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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.....

  Hi everyone, if you've noticed the lack of posts lately, I promise I have a good excuse!  I pride myself and my blog on having daily posts, trying to bring new daily content to my readers.  BUT....there are times when that is not possible and this is one of those times.  It's just temporary, though, so don't worry! 

  So what is the reason you ask?  Well, it is because we have recently purchased a new home!   We are moving next week, so this past week has been taken up with fixing up a few things at the new house at night after work and packing up things here at the "old" house for the move.  We hope to be all moved in by next Wednesday (8/14), so hopefully I can get back to daily posts right after that  (assuming everything goes ok with getting the Internet hooked up at the new house).

  So stick with me, and in a week or so I should be back up and running like normal with my regular daily posts!  Until then, check out some of these other great blogs.  These are ones I check on a daily basis:

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Zombie Hayes

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