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Monday, August 26, 2013

Well, now that I am all moved in...my computer died. Also, German safety videos are like short horror films!

  As I told you in  my last post, we bought a new house so I have been busy most every night with packing, moving, and now unpacking.  It is a slow process, but I was hoping I would get time to get back to my daily blog posts.  But, my computer had other plans for me and decided to die.   So, now I am without a computer, and being a blogger without a computer is not a good thing by any means.  I miss getting to talk a little bit about horror each night, but hopefully I will get a new computer in the next week or so and be back up and running.  Thanks to my wife for letting me borrow her laptop in order to do this post tonight.  I normally can't use laptops.  The built in mouse and weird keyboard makes me mad, but I hooked up my regular computer mouse and keyboard to the laptop and this works pretty good in a pinch!
  So, until I am back up and running full time, enjoy this awesome German fork-lift safety video!  I know, that seems really random, but watch it and you will see why it belongs on a horror blog for sure!  It is basically a short horror film, complete with some great gore effects!  I saw this on Facebook a while back and had been really wanting to share this with you all!  So, enjoy!!

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