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Saturday, March 21, 2015


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4110664/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1SCREAM MACHINE
Written by Walter Ruether and
Directed by Walter Ruether (Scarlet Fry)

  As I have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of horror anthologies.  I like them so much because they play well to my short attention span!   The latest anthology I watched is called SCREAM MACHINE, from Walter Ruether, aka. Scarlet Fry.  You might know that name from his past films that I have reviewed like NIGHTMARE ALLEY, SCARLET FRY'S JUNKFOOD HORRORFEST, and DEATH BY VHS.

  This latest film brings us 5 new tales of terror:

1.  "SLEDGEHAMMER" - a tale about a baseball pitcher with a truly killer fastball!
2.  "CANNIBAL PEN PALS" - a creepy tale about a man infatuated with Jeffery Dahmer, vowing to carry on his traditions after learning of Dahmer's death.
3.  "APRIL FOOL'S PARTY" -  a group of friends decide to play a joke on their druggie friend, only the joke goes too far!
4.  "SEPTIC SHOCK" - an unhappy wife has a plan to get rid of her husband by burying him alive in the septic tank!
5.  "THE DEADLY INDI DRIVE-IN" shows a crazy lady who hears voices in her head, and from the movie screen telling her to kill the man she is there with.

  As I have mentioned in past reviews of Scarlet Fry's films, you have to go into them realizing that they are very low budget.  I was kind of disappointed that I haven't seen much quality improvement over the years in his films, but then at the same time, I think that is what gives them their unique quality.   The film feels like you are watching an old VHS tape of gritty horror tales.   Mr. Ruether works very hard on his films, writing, directing, producing, and even starring in them!  You can tell this film was made by a fan of the horror genre.   I really appreciate Mr. Ruether sticking with practical effects as well, that always makes a movie so much better in my opinion than going the cheaper route with CGI.

  SCREAM MACHINE will not be for everyone, but if you love low budget, campy, B-grade, Troma type movies, I think you will agree that SCREAM MACHINE is bloody good time!

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