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Thursday, April 23, 2015



  Here is a band that the majority of you have probably never heard of, but you should have.   The group is called THE BLOODY JUG band and they are an extremely talented group of musicians who make some excellent music!    The Bloody Jug Band consists of eight members: Cragmire Peace, Stormy Jean, Brian Shredder, Steevil, Bloody Rick Lane, Seth Funky, Bid Daddy Jerm and Baby Dingo.  They all play traditional Jug Band style instruments such as the washboard, washtub bass, mandolin, harmonica, and even the spoons! 

  Their new album is titled, ROPE BURN, and it is one of the few albums I own that I can put in and I actually listen to every single song on the album.  Most CD's have a few mediocre songs that you might skip past, but you will not have that issue with this one.  I can listen to this one from track 1 all the way to track 13 and then just let it repeat and start over.   Their sound is very southern Rockabilly, with a horror vibe thrown in one some tracks.   They say that some of their musical influences were Tom Waits, The Band, Johnny Cash, and others.  While listening to the CD, I also picked up hints of Hank III and The Raconteurs.  
  While Cragmire Peace sings most of the lead vocals, Stormy Jean takes lead on a couple of tracks, including my personal favorite, 13 Steps.  Having Stormy take over on some tracks is a nice change of pace and gives the band a completely different sound, and adds a little variety to the mix.  Speaking of variety, that is another reason I love this CD.  With a  lot of CDs,  the group's music sound the same for the most part.  With ROPE BURN, you get a nice mixture of sounds, from rocking Rockabilly tunes to slower Blues like sounds. 

  For fans of this type of music, I highly recommend ROPE BURN.   I will be purchasing THE BLOODY JUG BAND's first album soon as well, titled COFFIN' UP BLOOD.  If it's even half as good as ROPE BURN, I know I will be happy with it.    ROPER BURN is available now at group's official website.

CLICK HERE to visit the band's official website
CLICK HERE to visit the band's official Twitter Feed
CLICK HERE to visit the band's official Facebook page
CLICK HERE to check out the band's YouTube channel and watch music videos

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