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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Horror box subscription review: BOX OF DREAD

 Most of you my have heard about or seen some of the different horror mystery box subscriptions that are available.  These are boxes you can purchase 1 time or sign up and get a "subscription" to meaning you get a new box every month!   You never know what these boxes are going to contain, so each month is an exciting time waiting on your next box and seeing what is inside!  

  I have never bought a horror box before, but the great folks at BOX OF DREAD have graciously sent me a box to open so I can let all my readers see what it is all about!    So, I got this box a few weeks ago, so this shouldn't be a spoiler for anyone that gets these already.   Here is what I got in my August Box of Dread:

*  The Book of Eibon #1 by Eibon Press Box of Dread Exclusive ($7.99)

*  Predator Plush Phunny by Kidrobot ($11.99)

*  Creepy Tees Posters ($4)

*  Murloc Keychain by Funko ($5.99)

*  Also included were a pack of Little Shop of Horror Trading Cards, a Jason Voorhees pin, and an Army of Darkness sticker!  (my guess at approx. value: $6)

Box of Dread boxes are $14 + $6 shipping, so only $20 for all this stuff, which totaled up equaled well over $30,  not to mention the limited edition comic book is already going for over $25 online!

As you can see, you definitely get your money's worth with the Box Of Dread!  This box did not disappoint in the least and I love the variety of the things you get!   I would definitely get another box from Box Of Dread in the future. 

CLICK HERE to order your own Box Of Dread!

You can also buy some of the  past boxes at http://store.boxofdread.com/ while supplies last!

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