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Thursday, February 2, 2017


https://www.alternativecinema.com/movie/slime-city-slime-city-massacre-double-featureSLIME CITY / SLIME CITY MASSACRE
Written & Directed by 
Distributed by  Camp Motion Pictures

  There is no doubt in my mind the 1980's were the greatest decade of horror movies.   Some may argue that, but the films of the 80's had such character to them.    SLIME CITY is a perfect 80's horror film, full of gross, over the top gore.  This is a film I had heard about for a while, but I had never had the chance to see until now.
  Here are the plot synopsis' of both films courtesy of the Camp Motion Pictures website:

  When Alex (Robert Sabin) and his virginal girlfriend Lori (Mary Huner) move into a New York City apartment, they fall victim to blood-thirsty supernatural forces that have horrifying plans for them. The apartment is haunted by the restless spirits of an occultist named Zachary and his fanatical followers who had committed mass suicide years before. Seduced by a mysterious woman, Alex is gradually possessed by the diabolical Zachary. Only Lori can battle the putrid powers of darkness and save Alex\'s soul when he transforms into a murdering, melting monster…a hideous slime-splattered demon that cannot be stopped.

  In a bombed out city, four fugitives stumble across the remains of a cult, accidentally consuming an elixir that transforms them into hideous, oozing slime creatures.   When real estate tycoon Ronald Crump hires mercenaries to wipe out the homeless population, an all-out war breaks out between the slime heads, cannibal mutants and hired killers – a bloody, merciless battle that will determine for once and for all, who will control Slime City.

  If you are a fan of nasty gore, these are the films for you.  These aren't typical, realistic blood and gore effects, though.  No, these are sickening, nasty over the top gooey green and yellow gore.   This is especially true of the original film.   When the main actor begins to turn into the oozing killer, he starts secreting a vile yellow and green puss like substance.  It gets worse and worst until eventually he is covered in it.  The only thing that temporarily cures him is the adrenaline he gets from killing someone.  
 The effects in SLIME CITY are truly wonderful.  Mainly this is because they are all practical effects.  The blood and puss flows like fountains in this film.  It is a really disgusting, so make sure you're not eating anything while watching this film.   The film really doesn't have much of a plot other than the guy turns into a puss monster and kills someone to return back to normal.  Then it happens again and again.  This is ok though, as it makes for a truly entertaining film that you don't have to think about much, just sit back and enjoy the nastiness! 

  SLIME CITY MASSACRE is the sequel to SLIME CITY.  While it looks to have a little bigger budget, and is a better made film overall, I felt like it lacked the character and campiness that the first film had.  It had it's great moments, though, including Debbie Rochon as a completely melted goo monster in a bathtub  (with just her face sticking out of the orange goo) and the film stars the beautiful Brooke Lewis, so that is always a plus!

  Both films look great on Blu-ray.  The double feature blu is available now from Camp Motion Pictures and contains the following special features:

*  2006 Commentary Track
*  2016 Commentary Track
*  Making Slime Extra
*  Slime Heads Mini-Doc
*  Slime City Trailers

*  2016 Commentary Track
*  Bloopers
*  Behind the Scenes
*  Interview With Composter MARS
*  Slime City Survivors Webisodes
*  Deleted Scenes
*  Trailers

CLICK HERE to watch a trailer for SLIME CITY
CLICK HERE to watch a trailer for SLIME CITY MASSACRE
CLICK HERE to buy the Blu-ray double feature


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  1. A very informative,concise and astute review by the always on-point Mr.Hudson. I am almost tempted to somehow give these a watch,perhaps if I could avoid paying for the pleasure. I remember some of Camp Motion Pictures VHS releases from when I worked at a video rental store in the mid eighties. C-rated movie scream-queen Linnea Quigley was featured, as if a star, in quite a few direct-to-video smash hits, such as "Sorority Babes in Celebrity Slime-Bowl-O-Rama" Thanks for the memories babe, and thank you Mr. Hudson!