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Friday, February 17, 2017


http://www.fullmoondirect.com/Killjoys-Psycho-Circus-Killjoy-5-DVD-_p_1151.htmlKILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS
Written & Directed by             
Distributed by:  Full Moon Entertainment

 It's hard to believe that the character of Killjoy is back in his 5th film!  This one is titled KILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS.  To me this character should have about 2 or 3 films, but people must really like this killer clown, because Full Moon keeps making these films and I bet a 6th one is on the horizon! 
Here is the basic plot of this latest chapter in the Killjoy story courtesy of the Full Moon Direct website:

 Your favorite Demon Clown KILLJOY (Trent Haaga) is BACK! Along with his gruesome crew BATTY BOOP (Victoria De Mare), PUNCHY The Hobo Clown (Al Burke), Freakshow (Tai Chan Ngo) and new sidekick HANDY (Tim Chizmar) - they are out of HELL to terrorize Earthly mortals…
   Killjoy, the demon clown and his gruesome crew - Batty Boop, Punchy and Freakshow have finally made it to Earth! Killjoy has settled in and is starring in his own web series called PSYCHO CIRCUS. But two years down the road, Killjoy discovers that life here on Earth is a drag - filled with inconveniences such as eating, breathing, taxes, immigration and mortal sex!
  More problems arise as Killjoy’s love interest Batty Boop leaves after a bitter lover's quarrel, not to mention that Killjoy is now semi-mortal! But the challenges of being famous are nothing compared to the challenges of staying alive. After being tried for letting Killjoy escape, BEELZEBUB can only redeem himself by trapping Killjoy's spirit and bringing it back to Hell. Killjoy must find a way to unite his gang of clowns to defeat Beelzebub and his Six-Psychos!
  It all comes together in an EPIC space-battle in KILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS

 Ok, I have to admit I am probably not the best reviewer to review this one.  I have never been a big fan of the Killjoy character and films for some reason.   I have seen most all of them, and to me they are all just...ok.   Now, that being said, I did enjoy this latest film a little more than I was expecting.   I really had no hopes for it, but found myself to be pretty entertained through most of the film. 
  My favorite parts of the film were when Killjoy was hosting his online show, Killjoy's Psycho Circus.  Those were fun segments, especially the segment when Killjoy interviewed actor Trent Haaga, who is the actor that plays Killjoy onscreen!   So yes Trent was basically interviewing himself.  This was a fun segment and Trent was very enjoyable to watch both in and out of his clown makeup.   The dialog between these "two" was very funny and enjoyable. 

  The rest of the film is just pure craziness, which is pretty much like every other Killjoy film is to me.   Although this one got really crazy with the addition of the space and spaceships plot.   I say "plot" lightly, because it was pretty much all over the place at times.   As I said, I have never been a huge fan of these films, but if you are a Killjoy fan, I  have a feeling you will really like this one. 

  KILLJOY'S PSYCHO CIRCUS  is available now on DVD from Full Moon Direct, click the links below to watch the trailer and purchase your copy!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD


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