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Friday, January 4, 2019

DVD Review: HAUNTEDWEEN (1991)

Written & Directed by Doug Robertson

  I love finding out about lesser known, independent horror films.  I find a lot more passion and heart goes into these films than a lot of the well known, mainstream horror films that we are constantly fed these days.   This was the case when I came across Doug Robertson's low budget horror film called, HAUNTEDWEEN.    I love checking out low budget horror films, and I am so glad I had to opportunity to watch this one!

 Here is the basic plot synopsis courtesy of the film's IMDb page:

  Twenty years ago a deadly accident forced Eddie Burber from his home. Since Eddie was younger he wanted to be part of the family business "The Burber Haunted House." A note is placed on the local Fraternity giving permission to use the old house as a fund-raiser. While the students prepare the house, they soon are hunted down and placed in the Haunted House for amusement. One thing is for sure. Nobody knows it really happening - People are dying, and people are laughing.

 First thing I have to get out of the way right away is to mention again that this is a very low budget movie.   Know that going into the film and you will have a lot of fun with this one.  Yes, you have to get past some pretty bad acting, but it is still a lot of fun.   I could tell from the beginning that this was a film made by horror fans that knew what other horror fans wanted in a film.   They did not disappoint at all!

 The film has a very cool premises of a killer that makes his way inside a haunted house and turns one of the supposedly fake rooms into an actual killing room.   In this room, the maniac kills off the college kids one by one, in some crazy, bloody ways.  All this happens while the customers of the haunted house look on and cheer the killer on, believing what they are watching was set up by the makers of the haunted house.   It's really quite eerie if you think about it, and makes you wonder if this has or ever could happen in real life.  

  All of the effects are practical, of course, and the filmmakers did an amazing job with the budget they were working with.  

 If you are a fan of low budget, independent cinema, you will definitely want to give this one a watch.   The DVD is available now and contains the following special features:

*  45 minute making of Documentary
*  Photo Album of the cast and crew
*  Director and Producer running commentary
*  Scene titles and jump to feature
*  Hauntedween - the music video
*  Original movie trailer

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