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Sunday, November 7, 2010


A while back, I did a post and let you know about a great Horror comic book company called Virus Comix. One of the titles I reviewed was called Bloke's Tomb of Horror. Well, Virus Comix has recently just released it's latest edition of this comic, the awesome BLOKE'S TOMB OF HORROR HALLOWEEN 2010 ANNUAL! The huge comic (clocking in at 104 pages of pure horror!) contains 8 short stories, all written by Jason "Bloke" Crawley with each story illustrated by a different artist.

Story titles in the Halloween Annual include: My Forever Love, Invasion of the Slag Maggots, Teacher Doesn't Always Know Best, Till Death Do We Part, What's Buggin' Sarah Sitnam?, Portrait of Death, Do You Want Onions on That, and, The Bride of Bloke. The stories vary widely in topic giving you a nice variety of Horror sub-genres, including a story about Werewolves, Zombies, Aliens, and even Cannibals! There is something here every Horror fan will love. I have always enjoyed anthology comics like this. It is fun to get such a wider arrange of stories in one book. The stories are all well done, without a single "dud" in the group, something very rare among anthology comics such as this one. A lot of the stories in this anthology have a sense of humor to them as well, some more darker than others. This adds to the fun for sure, but don't worry, there is still plenty of gore for you gore fans out there, myself included! Having each story drawn by a different artist is very cool as well. It is really interesting to see such a wide variety of pencil and art styles associated with each different story.

Included at the end of the book is a pin-up gallery featuring 19 horrific images done by different artist who have worked on previous Virus Comix projects. This is a nice edition to the anthology and showcases some on the greatest art talent today in independent comics.

I highly recommend BLOKE'S TOMB OF HORROR HALLOWEEN 2010 ANNUAL for all fans of Horror comic books. This will be a nice addition to your comic collection.

CLICK HERE to purchase Bloke's Tomb of Horror Halloween 2010 Annual

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