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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I just finished a hilarious new book by David P. Murphy called, ZOMBIES FOR ZOMBIES:  ADVICE AND ETIQUETTE FOR THE LIVING DEAD.   The book is published by Sourcebooks, Inc. I have to say I am a HUGE fan of zombie books.  I have read almost every zombie "survival guide" type of book out there so was happy to find this new twist on the zombie book craze.  Unlike it's subject matter, this book is fresh and new, breathing new life into a book genre that is really starting to get crowded.  

Unlike the typical survival guides which tell humans how to survive and defend themselves against zombies, this book was written specifically for the zombies...to help them deal with living as much as an ordinary life that is possible for a member of the living dead.

The book is laid out like one of those "for Dummies" books that us living humans read.  This is a basic guide for newly turned zombies to learn more about their condition and how to live with it from day to day.  Early in the book, you will find a transition timetable, telling you what to expect from the first few hours after being infected.  The author compares this transition to teens going through puberty, with all the changes going on in the body, but notes that in this transition, you are left with more to worry about than just acne!

After being infected, and after your transition to full zombie, the author lets you know about all the challenges you will face, and offers ways to deal with those challenges.  An obvious example is food.....you will not crave the normal food you did when you were a living human, you will now have a taste for a whole new line of food.  But don't worry, the author lets you know about the fine folks at Putrisystem who have a whole zombie meal plan lined out for you!  Also, the author lets you know about some foods that can be dangerous to a zombie.  Did you know that Creme soda can rupture your trachea?!!   The book also contains an entire section of delicious brain recipes for those do-it-your-selfers out there!

Other topics included in this book include exercise, sports and leisure activities, health care, grooming/fashion, and even tips for a healthy zombie sex life including a zombie kama sutra which includes some great positions for a satisfying living dead sex life.  You will definitely want to learn the "Reverse Sidesaddle Carnivorous Cowgirl Jamboree"!!  HA!

 This is one book a zombie can not live without.  Without this book, a zombie would be lost with day to day living as a member of the undead.  Zombies have a debt of gratitude to show Mr. Murphy for giving them such a detailed instruction guide on how to live their undead lives.

As a companion piece to ZOMBIE FOR ZOMBIES, author David P. Murphy has also written ZOMBIES FOR ZOMBIES:  THE PLAY & WERK BUK.  This is described as an "inactivity guide for the living dead".   Inside you will find all sorts of games and activities to keep your mind from rotting away.  Well ok, you're a zombie, so your mind will eventually rot away, but until then keep your brain active with these great activities including: word searches, stories, dot-to-dots, crosswords, mazes, and much more!!

CLICK HERE to purchase the books
CLICK HERE to visit the official Zombies for Zombies website
CLICK HERE to visit the official website of Sourcebooks, Inc.

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