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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Check out the info on director Kerry Beyer's newest feature film, CODE OF EVIL!!

Geektyrant.com has posted some great new info about director Kerry Beyer's latest film called, CODE OF EVIL.   Kerry Beyer is the mastermind behind the awesome horror film, SPIRIT CAMP, which I reviewed last year (click here to see that review).  I have been eagerly awaiting news on what Mr. Beyer's next film was going to be, and now we know!   CODE OF EVIL is described as follows, taken from the film's official website:

An intergalactic Sci-Fi/Horror adventure of epic proportions. Written and directed by award winning filmmaker Kerry Beyer (Spirit Camp), Code of Evil embodies a classic tale of good vs. evil as a band of misfits struggle to survive the terrors of a hostile alien world - while holding the fate of mankind in their hands.

Check out the teaser trailer by clicking the link below.  The film looks more Sci-fi than horror, so it will be cool to see what Beyer does with the Sci-fi genre, although I'm sure there will still be plenty of good stuff in it for us horror fans!  This film is in pre-production now, so the teaser trailer is a just a sample of what the final movie will actually look like. Keep an eye on the film's official website and Facebook pages for the latest news and info!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer!
CLICK HERE to visit the film's official website
CLICK HERE to join the film's official Facebook page

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