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Sunday, February 20, 2011


I recently got the chance to check out the DVD of SPLATTERFEST SHORTS VOL. 1. For those unaware of SPLATTERFEST, here is a brief description of the film fest from it's official website:

SplatterFest is dedicated to inspiring creativity in the horror genre! It is our desire to provide an exciting and rewarding competition for filmmakers, providing an opportunity for exposure and creative growth. Filmmakers will gain exposure on the big screen, and SplatterFest is committed to getting as much press and industry attention as possible to the event and filmmakers.

The past event hosted over a dozen filmmakers, who all had one weekend to write, shoot, and edit a short Horror film. Each filmmaker was given a certain murder weapon and character that they had to incorporate into their film. They were also given this one line of dialog that they had to fit into their movie any way they saw fit: "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship". It was very interesting to see how different minds used this same line of dialog in such different ways.

The DVD features 17 short films, ranging in all sorts of styles...including haunting tales, splatter films, and even horror/comedy films. As with most all film compliation DVD's there are a mixture of the good and bad, but fortunately, there are definately more good films than bad here, with only one short that I would really describe as a 'stinker'. One of my favorites of the bunch was DON'T LOOK IN THE ATTIC, a tale of a being that lives in the attic of a nice couple who use the being to get rid of those that have done them wrong. Also, IT'S NOT YOUR GRANDMA is a great film full of lots of gore, including a scene of a person's skull and spine being ripped from their body. As for my #1 favorite film, that would probably go to the fillm called, AWARD WINNING MASTERPIECE: THE MOVIE. Now don't get me wrong, this film was pretty silly, but it was supposed to be that way and all the goofieness was intentional. The film is as much comedy as it is Horror, and unlike a lot of Horror/Comdies, it is actually very funny. The opening scene is an EXORCIST spoof and is hilarious. Later in the film we learn that there is a killer on the loose, and that killer is........plastic wrap! HA! It is as silly as it sounds and is a fun watch for sure.

All the films are ultra low budget and it shows, but it is cool to see what talented filmmakers can do with little or no budget. I can see a lot of potential in most all these filmmakers. Get yourself a copy of the DVD, and you might have a copy of the short films of some filmmakers that go on to much bigger and sucessful projects! There is a limited amount of these DVD's left, so be sure to order yours today!!

CLICK HERE to visit the official Splatterfest website, watch the trailer, and purchas a copy of the DVD!


  1. Thanks for the info! I love short horror film comps. And that DVD cover really seals the fuckin' deal too!

  2. Yeah, whoever designed the cover did an awesome job!

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  4. The first film on the DVD is pretty darn GOOD!!! It's called "He's Here For You"
    and all the films were cool tho