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Sunday, June 24, 2012


  I love finding cheap stuff.  Not cheap as in poorly made, but stuff that is on sale for a fraction of what it cost when it first came out or when it was new.  I especially love finding cheap stuff when it is horror related, so I was on cloud nine while browsing the $2.99 Clearance Books at my local Hastings Entertainment store and running across this beautiful book!  It's the ALFRED HITCHCOCK:  THE MASTER OF SUSPENSE: A POP-UP BOOK by Kees Moerbeek.
  This is a beautiful hardcover pop-up book which features pop-ups of some of the most famous scenes from some of Hitchcock's most well known films, including: Saboteur, Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, Marnie, Torn Curtain, and Frenzy. 

  For a look inside the book, check out this cool You Tube video I found, where you can see every pop-up from the book!

  This is a must have for Hitchcock fans.  The book came out back in 2006, so you might not be able to find it at your local bookstore, but it is readily available on-line, and can even be found used  for less than $10 from some sellers!  Here are some links to help you if you wish to purchase this book.  Check them all to see who has the cheapest used price at the time.

CLICK HERE to purchase this book from AMAZON.com
CLICK HERE to purchase this book from BARNES&NOBLE.com
CLICK HERE to purchase this book from GOHASTINGS.com

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