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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Haunted House Spotlight: Ripley's Haunted Adventure !!

 Any time I go on vacation, I am always on the lookout for anything horror related.   Last week while in San Antonio, Texas with my family on vacation, I spotted the RIPLEY'S HAUNTED ADVENTURE!  Open year round, this Haunted House was a step above what I imagined it would be, and they even turn the scares down a notch in the summer  (more on that in a minute).

  RIPLEY'S HAUNTED ADVENTURE is very easy to find, as it is directly across the street from the Alamo.  If you are going to San Antonio, you are more than likely headed to the Alamo, so step across the street and try this out....if you dare!!

 From the moment you step up and meet "Stumpy", you know you are in for a treat!  He is named that due to the fact that he is only a half torso man with a no legs!  He is a funny carnival type "barker" who is out by the street and interacts with the crowds.    Once you purchase your ticket, your adventure starts as you are loaded in a old coffin lifting elevator (the theme of the haunted house is an old coffin company).  The slanted elevator takes you to the top floor where you are let out and met by your tour guide, and then he sends you off on your "tour" of the factory.   You will encounter a number of disturbing things, including a mental patient who wants your help to escape, a room you have to walk through full body bags hanging from the ceiling filled with dead bodies  (or are they?), a man being sawed in half, and even a plank you have to walk across with a drop-off on both sides!  These are just a fraction of the scares you will find inside the Ripley's haunted house.

  Earlier I mentioned that they turn back the scares a bit in the Summer.  I talked with the manager a bit before I went in and told him I was planning on doing a review for my horror blog. He warned me before I went in to not be disappointed, as they tone down  the scares in the summer due to the tourists that come through with smaller kids and also the expense.  You see, in October, closer to Halloween, RIPLEY'S HAUNTED ADVENTURE is transformed into what sounds like the scariest place on earth, with almost 40 live actors and increased make up and prosthetics.   But I must tell you, if this was toned down when I went through, I'm not sure I could handle it in October!  I like to think I don't scare easily, but I can't count the number of times I literally jumped as I went through this old coffin factory.  You never know when a secret door or window is going to open with a screaming ghoul behind it!   The scare factor was high I thought, I can't imaging what this place would be like in October, but I would love to check it out someday.

  If you find yourself in or near San Antonio, check this place out for sure, especially if you are there near Halloween time.

  RIPLEY'S HAUNTED ADVENTURE  is located at 329 Alamo Plaza, directly across from the Alamo, and is surrounded by other great attractions such as the Guinness World Records Museum and the Tomb Rider 3D Adventure Ride!

For more info, visit their website at www.AlamoPlazaAttractions.com
Give them a call at 210-226-2828


  1. I've been to the Ripley's Haunted Adventures in Myrtle Beach, SC and Gatlinberg, TN and it sounds like they have a very similar setup at all of them. The body bag room is definitely my favorite. I've been working in haunts for almost 20 years, so any time I'm on vacation I try to check out any local haunt attractions too. Around Halloween you should come to Atlanta and experience Netherworld, the one I work at now, sometime. About 100 actors, movie quality effects, etc. You can check it out at fearworld.com

  2. That sounds awesome! I would love to check that out sometimes. The haunted houses we get around here are usually pretty lame!