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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Check out the cool zombie short film, DAY 31


  Check out this cool zombie short film I ran across on YouTube.  The title is DAY 31 and it was written and directed by Charlie Goldberg.   This isn't your typical zombie film...these aren't the classic "raised from the dead" zombies, this film is about zombies created from a viral infection that has spread over the entire world.  The film is about a man named Kyle Parker who is immune to the virus.  He is searching the surroundings for food and supplies.   The film end rather abruptly, with no real closure....which kinda bugged me, but mainly just kept me wanting more.  I assume it was done this way to pave the way for a sequel or maybe even a feature length film.   Check it out....this is a very simple film with only one main character and just some voice over dialog.  Great cinematography, too!   Perfect example of a great low-budget short.   

CLICK HERE to watch DAY 31

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