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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Check out the brutal, violent, yet remarkable short film, SICKO

http://vimeo.com/70870269  I am a huge fan of horror short films, and I have just watched one that was extremely effective.   The film is called SICKO from filmmakers Vincent Gallagher & Luke Adey.  The film is very short, and very simple, yet was very unnerving and disturbing.  Pretty good for a film running just over 5 minutes long! 

The film was shot in a very cool style.  It is very atmospheric and creepy, especially with the choice of the perfect music that really set the tone for the film.  The unique first person perspective used in the prostitute beating was remarkable. 

  Take this warning, though. SICKO is called that for a reason. The film starts off in a very weird, twisted, way and continues that way throughout the film.  This film is definitely for adults only!

  Give this short a watch and then check out some of the other great films from Gallagher's production company, Tape End Productions. 

CLICK HERE to watch SICKO  (**Warning** NOT SAFE FOR WORK - contains nudity and violence)

CLICK HERE to view some of the other films from Tape End Productions



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