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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Check out the new teaser trailer for next summer's GODZILLA film!

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0831387/?ref_=nv_sr_1   I have to admit that I have had zero excitement for this film since hearing about it.  I guess after the awful 1998 GODZILLA remake, I had pretty much given up on this franchise.  But, I have to say after seeing this new trailer, I am actually excited about seeing this new version.    This trailer looks amazing visually, and I hope the entire movie has this look and feel to it.   I think we might be in for a real treat with this one!  GODZILLA has a release date set for May 16th, 2014, although that is subject to change.

  Take a look at the trailer and comment to let me know what you think about this film.  Will you be checking this one out in the theaters?  I know I will be!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer


  1. I now can't wait to see this, trying to keep my "high hopes" in check though! Nice blog. Newest follower here.

  2. Thanks for your comment Jennifurla!! A GODZILLA remake scares me...I'm hoping for the best! Glad you are enjoying the blog! Tell your friends!!