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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Board Game Review: MONOPOLY: THE WALKING DEAD Survival Edition


 I'm sure most everyone is familiar with the classic board game, MONOPOLY.  Most everyone knows how to play and has played some form of this game at some point in their lives.   The classic board game was fun, but I really like all the themed versions of the game that have come out over the years.  I, myself, was the proud owner of THE SIMPSONS Monopoly game.  That has been a lot of fun visiting all the familiar spots around Springfield.  Well, I thought I would never need another Monopoly game, but then this came out.  It is THE WALKING DEAD themed Monopoly!!  I shall never need to play THE SIMPSONS Monopoly again!

  This game is based more on the comic books than the TV show, but obviously most of the characters and locations are the same.  So, if you are a fan of the TV show but have never read the comics, you will still love this version of the game.  The rules are exactly the same as the original Monopoly, except all the property spaces are properties and locations from The Walking Dead comic/TV show.  For instance, you could land on "Downtown Atlanta", "Rick's Neighborhood", "Prison Courtyard", "Greene Family Farmhouse", or many different "Woodbury" locations, just to name a few.  The main properties in this game  (replacing "Boardwalk" and "Parkplace")  are "The Hilltop Colony" and "Alexandria Safe-Zone".  Readers of the comics will most certainly be familiar with these two locations! 

  Another change to this version of the game, are that Homes and Hotels are now replaced with Walls and Guard Towers!  Also replaced are the pieces each player uses to move.  Instead of the classic Top hat, Iron, dog, shoe, etc., you now can be Rick's hat, the RV, Michonne's katana sword, or a bucket of body parts, just to name a few!

This is a very fun game, fun for the whole family in fact.  There is nothing graphic or disturbing about the game, so while the box says the game is for ages 13 to adult, even younger kids can have fun surviving the zombie apocalypse!  Here is a picture of me and my twin 7 year old boys (and my wife, who took the photo), having an awesome family game night playing the new THE WALKING DEAD Monopoly game!


  If you have some extra Christmas money to spend, I highly recommend picking this game up.  This will provide years of fun for the entire family.

  You can find THE WALKING DEAD MONOPOLY game at your nearest comic book store.
To find out where the nearest comic book store is to you, check out this site:


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