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Thursday, November 13, 2014

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD TV series coming to STARZ!!!


  I was super excited when I heard that THE EVIL DEAD was being revamped for a TV series on the STARZ Movie Channel and would be staring Bruce Campbell as Ash!  I was even more excited when I realized I actually get the STARZ channel! 
  The tentative title of the series is ASH VS. EVIL DEAD.   Original Director Sam Raimi will be writing and directing the show and original series producer Rob Tapert will be on hand to executive produce along with Raimi and Campbell.
  To be honest, I really didn't get too excited when I first heard about it, because I figured this was just a rumor.  Let's be honest, how long have we been hearing that THE EVIL DEAD 4 was finally being made, and we have never seen that yet.   I still will not believe this news until I actually am watching the opening credits on the STARZ network.  This just seems too good to be true, but major news sources all over the net are writing about it, so I guess it is really happening!

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