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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3159242/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1THE HOUSE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS
Directed by: 
Production Company:  RagNBone Productions

  I have to admit I had never heard of this film when it arrived in my mailbox for review.  I went into this film knowing nothing about it, and quite frankly, this really surprises me.  I can't believe I have not heard of this film in some manner.   To me, this has the making of a cult flick for sure.   Here is the basic plot of the film from the film's imdb page:

  The House on the Wrong Side of the Tracks is a Found Footage Film. Three low life punks commit a home invasion with plans to capture all the action on camera, but when the couples son comes home they soon discover they entered the wrong house.

  While I am getting a little tired of the "found footage" films, I am at least glad to see one done with a different story than most.  It seems as though most found footage films are "haunting" or "possession" type films, so a home invasion film done in the found footage style was a nice change of pace.   Maybe there are more films like this out there that I just don't know about.    The closest thing this film reminds me of is the AUGUST UNDERGROUND TRILOGY.  

  The film is very low budget, but that works perfectly since this is supposed to be footage these crazy guys filmed on their home video camera.  This film feels real and it's scary to think there are people out there who think and act this way.   These three sickos got off on bringing harm to others, and while that can be hard to watch,  it makes it very enjoyable when you see the tables turned and the victims suddenly become the perpetrators.

 THE HOUSE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS is a film I think more people in the horror community should be talking about!    Check it out if you get the chance, and if you have seen it, leave a comment to let me know what you thought of this film.

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