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Sunday, December 28, 2014

DVD Review: THE CEMETERY (2013)

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1844793/?ref_=nv_sr_1THE CEMETERY
Written & Directed by  Adam Ahlbrandt
Distributed by Massacre Video / CAV Distributing

  I have been seeing a lot of talk lately about filmmaker Adam Ahlbrandt and a couple of his latest films, CROSSBEARER and THE CEMETERY.  I am seen folks in the horror DVD facebook groups raving about these films.   I was glad I finally got the chance to check one out for myself, and I have to say that the people talking about Adam and THE CEMETERY where 100% correct.   This guy is the future of the horror genre in my opinion.  Before I go any further, here is the plot synopsis of THE CEMETERY from the CAV website:

 Deep in the Pennsylvania hills, a cemetery for those who died during exorcism remains a dark secret for the church. In 1671, hundreds of men, women, and children suffered in bloody, torturous rituals at the hands of priests unable to contain the evil of the possessed. Were these possessions real, or is the story a hoax to cover up the sins of the deranged priests thirsty for human blood? Bill and his team of cynical paranormal investigators plan to find out the truth…..will they leave the cemetery alive?

  This is by fare one of the most enjoyable horror films I have seen in a long time.  This is what independent filmmaking should look like.   The story is simple and easy to follow, and the acting is decent overall.  I was a little worried about the acting at first when the film started with the character set ups and such, but the acting got much better as the movie progressed. 

  THE CEMETERY has some amazing gore all throughout the film, and from what I can tell it was done with 100% practical effects.   Another thing I loved about this film was the extremely creepy imagery throughout the film.

  This film was obviously made by a fan of the horror genre that was tired of the recent films and wanted to make a "real" horror film like we haven't seen in some time.    This movie had everything you look for in a horror film. 

  I can't say enough good things about THE CEMETERY.    Do yourself a favor and check this one out asap!   THE CEMETERY is available on a 2-disc Special Edition DVD or a limited 4-disc Blu-ray!   Special features include:

*  Director/Cast Audo Commentary
*  2 Hour Making of Documentary
*  Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery
*  Trailaers
*  "M is for Memoirs" Short Film

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray



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