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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Book Review: THE ART OF HAMMER by Marcus Hearn

http://titanbooks.com/the-art-of-hammer-posters-from-the-archive-of-hammer-films-4828/THE ART OF HAMMER
Published by Titan Books

 As some of you may know, Titan Books is one of this best publishers in business when it comes to film related books.  They have books about many films, but their books on the old Hammer Films are really spectacular.  The one I am reviewing today is titled, THE ART OF HAMMER:  POSTERS FROM THE ARCHIVE OF HAMMER FILMS.
Here is the description of the book from the Titan Books website:

  Hammer is almost as well known for the way it promoted its films as for the films themselves. The legendary British production company supported each new release with eye-catching posters that have become classics of their kind.
  This is the first collection of these iconic posters, with nearly 300 examples drawn from Hammer’s own archive, and private collections worldwide. Some are well remembered, most are extremely rare.
  The Art of Hammer is a testament to the company’s pioneering mastery of film promotion, and a celebration of movie art at its best.

  This is by far one of the best horror related books I have ever had the pleasure of looking at.  I can't say reading, because this is not really a book you read.  Inside this book you will find nothing but hundreds of movie posters from all of the Hammer films...some you will remember, and some films you've probably never heard of.  You will find multiple posters for various films, different versions, artwork, etc.  All the photos are in glorious color on glossy paper and the posters are showcased by decade (1950-59, 1960-69, and 1970-79).

  This is one of the prettiest poster books you will ever see.   The book is presented in a hardback with slipcover and contains 199 pages.  This is a big, beautiful book that would be perfect on the coffee table of any horror fan.   Do yourself a favor and check out this book or any of the other great books that Titan Books has to offer!

CLICK HERE to purchase the book


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