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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Blu-ray Review: BLOODY KNUCKLES (2014)

http://www.artsploitationfilms.com/film/bloody-knuckles/BLOODY KNUCKLES
Written & Directed by
Distributed by:  Artsploitation Films

  Very seldom can you mix horror with comedy and make a good film.  Good horror comedies are few and far between for me, but every now and then a film can mix the two elements just right and come away with a great film.  Luckily, writer/director Matt O'Mahoney has managed to do just that with the great comedy/horror film, BLOODY KNUCKLES.  Here is the basic plot courtesy of the Artsploitation Films website:

  Travis, an underground comic book artist with a penchant for obscene caricatures, upsets a Chinatown crime lord who responds by cutting off the young man’s hand. As a despondent, drunken Travis wallows in post-severed hand depression, his decomposing limb returns to life and is determined to exact revenge. Soon, Travis and his mischievous appendage join forces with a masked S&M superhero to rid the city of evil. Filmmaker Matt O.’s debut feature strips Canada of its “land of nice” image with this deliriously offensive, gory, and happily un-PC horror-comedy!

  Now I have to admit, some of the humor in this film is a bit childish and crass, but I admit I laughed out loud multiple times.   If you don't like crude humor, you will probably not like this film, but if you can appreciate some good rude humor (like I do), then this will be your type of film.   In addition to the humor, the horror aspect of this film is just as much in the forefront and is a huge part of what makes this movie so good for me.   There is some great effects and gore on display here, most of which look to be practical effects, which is always a plus in my opinion.  

  The film looks great, and I have a feeling it looks like a much bigger budget film that it probably was.   The film is shot and edited well, contains great camerawork and all the actors do a wonderful job.   This was a top notch production which is amazing considering this is writer/director Matt O'Mahoney's first feature length production!  I look forward to seeing more from this great filmmaker in the future!

  Check out BLOODY KNUCKLES if you get the chance.  It is a fun film and well worth your time (and money).   The DVD and Blu-ray are available now and contain the following special features:

*  Director's Commentary
*  Deleted Scenes
*  Short Films "Electric Fence" and "Adjust Tracking"
*  Featurettes

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to purchase the DVD
CLICK HERE to purchase the Blu-ray


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