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Saturday, February 6, 2016

DVD Review: BLOOD PUNCH (2014)

http://midnightreleasing.com/blood-punch/BLOOD PUNCH
Directed by: 
Distributed by:  Midnight Releasing

  If you are one of those horror fans that complains about there not being any new or original ideas when it comes to horror movies these days, then you will definitely want to check out BLOOD PUNCH from Midnight Releasing.   Here is the plot synopsis courtesy of Midnight Releasing:

On the promise of the ultimate drug score, brilliant chemistry student Milton breaks out of court mandated rehab to follow the mysterious and seductive Skylar and her boyfriend, Russell, to an isolated hunting lodge, where they intend to produce enough meth to set them up for life. Caught in the middle of a love-triangle, Milton and Skylar murder Russell, burying his body in the woods. The next morning they are horrified to find him alive and well, with no memory of the day before. Forced into an endless cycle of death, carnage, and mayhem, Milton is desperate for answers and a way out. But the truth is more horrifying than he could have ever imagined, nothing is as it seems, and there is no one to trust–least of all himself.

  So the film basically centers on a guy and girl who are secluded in a cabin in the woods.  The girl's boyfriend then finds them and goes to the cabin and is killed.  Then he comes back, and they kill him again.  Each day the boyfriend keeps showing up and the guy and girl have to dispose of him in any way they can.    This leads to some very entertaining kills, and provides lots of good gore and bloody effects.

  The film is shot very well with a production value that looks much better than what it's actual budget was I am suspecting.   The acting is excellent from all involved and it's cast perfectly.  Actor Ari Boyland does an excellent job as the psycho boyfriend.  I have to imagine getting killed in a horror movie would be a lot of fun, to think this guy got to do it over and over again with each time being a different kill!   I imaging this film was a lot of fun to shoot.  Actors Milo Cawthorne and Olivia Tennet also give wonderful performances.  Acting can really hurt a horror movie like this, so I was very glad to see such a great job from the entire cast.  

  While we might see this "ground hog day" type of situation is other genres, most notably comedy films, I can't think of any horror film where this has been used before.   Horror is a perfect use of this kind of repetitiveness, and makes for a very fun and entertaining film.  

  I highly recommend this one if you haven't seen it yet.  BLOOD PUNCH is available now from Midnight Releasing and contains the following special features:

*  Deleted Scenes
*  Outtakes
*  Test Footage

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