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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


http://synapse-films.com/dvds/horror/just-desserts-the-making-of-creepshow-special-edition-blu-ray/JUST DESSERTS:  THE MAKING OF "CREEPSHOW"
Directed by 
Distributed by  Synapse Films / CAV Distributing

  Rarely does a film's special feature get it's own HD Blu-ray release, but that is just what has happened with JUST DESSERTS:  THE MAKING OF "CREEPSHOW".   After watching it, you can see why.  This is no ordinary "special feature".  Clocking in at 90 minutes, it's a legit feature film itself, that just happens to be about the making of another film.    Here is the basic synopsis of the film from the Synapse Films website:

  In 1982, Author Stephen King and Director George A. Romero collaborated on a feature-film tribute to the controversial EC comics of the 1950s.  Told through five jolting tales of terror, CREEPSHOW has become a celebrated horror classic over the past three decades. With an all-star cast, and featuring groundbreaking special effects by genre legend Tom Savini, CREEPSHOW stands as a horrific and hilarious tribute to the stories that helped influence (and corrupt) a generation of writers and filmmakers.  Now the tales behind the creation of this chilling masterpiece can finally be told!
  Featuring rare behind-the-scenes footage and photographs, JUST DESSERTS: THE MAKING OF “CREEPSHOW” also contains over a dozen interviews, including George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins and many others.  These are the terrifying stories behind the film that promised you…“The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have…BEING SCARED!”

  CREEPSHOW has always been one of my favorite horror films of all times.  I love anthology style horror films, and no one has done it better than CREEPSHOW.   George Romero and Stephen King are two masterminds of horror, so a collaboration of those two is bound to be good.   Watching this documentary about the making of the film made me remember just how good CREEPSHOW really is.    I haven't seen it in years,  but after watching JUST DESSERTS, I am really wanting to watch CREEPSHOW again very soon! 

  I am a big fan of "making of" documentaries of horror films, and this is probably one of the greatest I have ever seen.   Other than the strange absence of Stephen King, everyone involved with the movie is on hand here to give you first hand accounts about their experience on the film.  My favorite interviewee was Tom Savini, the mastermind behind the effects of the film.  He is my all time favorite effects person, so seeing him on screen talking about this film was truly awesome.

  Along with the interviews, we get to see tons of behind the scenes photos and footage, along with scenes from CREEPSHOW.   The movie is broken up into segments, talking about each entry in the film, along with a beginning section explaining how the film came to be and the influence the old EC comics had on Romero and King, and on the film itself.   I was a huge fan of EC comics growing up, so that's one reason I always loved this film....it is like watching an old VAULT OF HORROR or TALES FROM THE CRYPT come to life onscreen.

  I cannot recommend JUST DESSERTS enough...it is a must have for any fan of CREEPSHOW.   The special edition Blu-ray is available now from Synapse Films and contains the following special features:

*  Audio Commentary with Director & Editor Michael Felsher
*  Audio Commentary featuring interviews with Actor John Amplas, Property Master Bruce Alan Miller, and Make-Up Effects Assistant Darryl Ferrucci
*  Creepshow Days – An interview with Director of Photography Director Michael Gornick
*  Extended Interview Segments with George A. Romero, Tom Savini, and Bernie Wrightson
*  Behind The Screams – A compilation of on-set video footage from Tom Savini
*  Horror’s Hallowed Grounds with Sean Clark
*  Scream Greats Volume One: Tom Savini, Master of Horror Effects with Optional Audio Commentary with Tom Savini
*  Vintage 1982 Evening Magazine Segment shot on the set of the film, featuring rare cast & crew interviews
*  Behind-The-Scenes of CREEPSHOW Photo Gallery

CLICK HERE to watch a clip of the film
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