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Sunday, November 20, 2016


http://www.reelgorereleasing.com/store/the-curse-of-doctor-wolfenstein/THE CURSE OF DOCTOR WOLFFENSTEIN
Written & Directed by
Distributed by Reel Gore Releasing

  Not many horror movies really affect me any more.  I've seen so many, it really takes something new, original, or truly brutal to affect me these days.  When I find a movie that can do that, I can really appreciate that film.   THE CURSE OF DOCTOR WOLFFENSTEIN is one of those films.  Not so much in originality, but this movie affected me in just how brutal it was.  I've seen some brutal stuff before, but this comes out near the top for sure.  More on that in a minute, but first, here is the basic plot synopsis of the film from the Reel Gore Releasing website:

  80 years ago, the diabolical Dr. Victor Wolffenstein wanted nothing more than to be immortal. His tireless quest led him to create a vaccine that did just that, but also infected his body with a flesh-rotting form of necrosis. As the Doctor’s limbs literally fell apart, he tried to replace them by using the crudely removed arms and legs of the local villagers who, in order to stop Wolffenstein’s reign of terror, captured him and buried him alive for his crimes.
  In present day, five teenagers plan to attend an out of town rave that goes awry, and end up stranded in the village, when the evil and still decaying Dr. Wolffenstein wakes up, screaming for vengeance! The unlucky teens land squarely within sight of the malevolent medic, and, with the help of his latest creation, the Infiltrator, Dr. Wolffenstein lures them to his secret hideaway with the intention of curing his necrosis and ending his Curse once and for all. Will anyone survive Wolffenstein’s skin melting, limb-hacking Wrath?

 Now first, I'll get a couple of negative things out of the way.  First off, the acting leaves something to be desired, and some of the characters are downright annoying.  We can look past that, though, as we really aren't watching a film like this to study and appreciate the acting ability, am I right?  Also, the plot seems simple enough, but the film is actually confusing at times.  I also wish the film was a tad bit shorter.  It has a running time 115 minutes which I felt was a little long for this type of film, and it did have a few scenes that seemed unnecessarily long.  An edit of about 95-100 minutes would have helped the flow of this film tremendously, I believe.

  Now I hope I didn't run you off by the few negatives, because honestly those are very minute points and don't take away from the film overall.   If you are checking out this movie, more than likely it's for the gore and if that is the case, you will not be disappointed in the least!   As I stated earlier, this movie really affected me with it's brutality.    There is tons of gore in this film, including tons of machete to the head kills, complete with generous amounts of spurting blood!   There is one scene in particular where the Doctor has a room full of people he has captured.  He has them all chained up in order to do his experiments on when needed.  At one point in the film he is angered and bursts into the room of his captives, and begins killing each one....one by one with his machete in a cavalcade of blood and gore. This scene was brutal in many ways, the gore being the most obvious, but also I thought about the captives having to see this happening, knowing as he went down the line that their turn was next.  Watching this scene actually gave me a sick feeling in my stomach, it was almost too much killing to handle!   So, kudos to the filmmakers for that!  Ha!  

  If you are a fan of blood and gore, which I assume we all are, then you will definitely want to check out  THE CURSE OF DOCTOR WOLFFENSTEIN.  The blu-ray/DVD combo pack is available now from Reel Gore Releasing and includes the following special features:


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