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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Help support the feature length KLAGGER movie!

 Some of you may remember the KLAGGER short film from a few years back.  Well, the team behind that want to bring KLAGGER to us as a new feature length film!!   In order to do this, though, they need our help!   

  There is a KLAGGER Kickstarter page where you can make a contribution to help support this film.   In doing so, you will be treated to some excellent perks, including digital codes of the film, DVDs of the feature film and short film, screen used props, and the always awesome perk of having your name in the closing credits of the film!

  Here is some more info about this project from the KLAGGER Kickstarter page:

  Our short film, KLAGGER became a film festival and horror convention favorite since it's first screening at the Oklahoma Horror Film Festival. With your help, we are expanding the success of KLAGGER into a feature-length movie to be filmed in 2017. Many individuals, both public and private will help our monster terrify the world when KLAGGER is released in theatres, VOD, Bluray and Netflix! This Kickstarter Campaign represents YOU GUYS, the social media horror fans that want to see the kind of well-made, KILLER HORROR FILMS we all love!  

  Our specific Kickstarter goal is $15,964.00 Here's the breakdown -

  KLAGGER tells the story of Joseph Klagger, a maintenance worker who is killed in a boiler explosion back in 1977. After the accident, his body was never found and the factory became a shuttered tomb. Years later, a demolition crew arrives to implode the building with explosives and awakens KLAGGER from the dead!

The film will be a serious, horror/drama combining a plot driven story with strong performances and lots of bloody, monster-type action. Produced in Abilene, Texas under the banner of CANDON FILMS which represents the Crow Brothers - Casey and Gene.

  So, how does your Kickstarter contribution make KLAGGER move forward? First, it will assist us in securing our principal location which is a decommissioned power plant owned by American Electric Power. You saw it in the concept trailer. This place is both haunting and awe inspiring! It not only serves as KLAGGER'S final resting place but will also have sets constructed inside so that other scenes can be filmed there - just like a Hollywood soundstage!

  Next is special effects. This movie has many scenes that involve the actions of a supernatural creature and he has to look amazing! To achieve that , we are approaching the task with a combination of 90% practical F/X provided by makeup genius Chris Richard Hanson and 10% CGI elements. Your contribution covers the time and materials required to make KLAGGER terrifyingly realistic! Our Kickstarter incentives provide an opportunity for a serious horror fan to own the KLAGGER head and arm piece actually worn by actor John Harlan!

  The final portion will go toward hiring a casting director who can provide the kind of contacts an independent production like ours needs to bring in really good actors as well as insurance and attorney fees. 

  The grand total is $15,964 If additional funds are contributed which exceed the goal they will be used for travel expenses to film festivals and conventions where you can meet KLAGGER face-to-face!

CLICK HERE to help support the KLAGGER feature length film



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