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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie Review: ZOMBIE TOWN

Just caught the movie ZOMBIE TOWN on TV (Chiller Cable Channel) and had to write about it. While nothing close to to a classic zombie film, it's still a fun horror movie with everything you expect from a no-budget horror flick, plus a little more.
I will spare you the plot details (mainly because the films spares them too!!), but basically its about some slug parasite things that attatch to your spine and make you turn into a zombie. Why shooting the zombies in the head kills them is beyond me, since the slugs attatch to your spine, but that how you kill a zombie in every other zombie film, so I guess the film makers decided it should work here too. There is an ounce of creativity though, when the main characters discover that they can kill the slugs with salt, a la 3rd grade hijinks in the backyard with a salt shaker (don't act like you never did that!!). So...since salt will kill them, they pour the gunpowder out of Shotgun shells and refill them with salt, and now you have good 'ol salt bullets!! Works like a charm!!
There is tons of blood and gore for all you die hard gorehounds (like myself) but there are also some laugh out loud one-liners and situations that make the movie a lot of fun. I usually don't like the mix of horror and comedy...usually if there is too much comedy, then its not really a horror film anymore, and if there is a little bit of comedy but not enough, then it just seems really out of place. Not many movies can find that perfect balance, but I think ZOMBIE TOWN came about as close as you could get.

I highly recommend this film!! If you have seen it, let me know what your thoughts are!!

Here is the link to the trailer, courtesy of Internet Movie Database:


Until next time....Stay Scared!!



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