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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Movies you may have missed: TEETH

With the release of ONE EYED MONSTER today on DVD, it got me thinking about another little cautionary tale of murderous genitalia. Yes...there is more than one movie about this!!

While ONE EYED MONSTER focuses on the killer male genitalia, a movie called TEETH came out in 2007 and focuses on killer female genitalia. I seriously couldn't make this stuff up.

TEETH is about a girl named Dawn who suffers from the extremely rare disorder called "vagina dentata" which is just what it sounds like. While I wouldn't call this a great film, it is still worth checking out. I enjoy any horror movie that has a subject and plot that I have never seen before, and I guarantee you have never seen a movie like this.

While the plot is simple, the acting is great, the effects are good, and there is a nice mix of horror and dark comedy. For those that have never seen this, give it a try if you want a fun, weird, horrifying tale of female empowerment!!

Here is a trailer of the movie TEETH courtesy of imdb.com:

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