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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sam Raimi Returns To His Horror Roots....Finally!

I know this is old news, but I haven't mentioned it yet, and with the movie opening next week, I thought I better mention it. DRAG ME TO HELL is the name of the new horror movie from legendary filmmaker, Sam Raimi. The film opens nationwide on May 29. Mr. Raimi is best known to us horror fans as the director of one of the greatest sets of horror films ever made, THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY (Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn, and Army of Darkness), but lately he has ditched horror to work on more mainstream "regular" films and has been just as successful with those as he was with his horror films. His last 3 films were the very popular SpiderMan films and it's two sequels (with part 4 announced for a 2011 release). Before those, he did a mystery/thriller movie called THE GIFT, a baseball movie (FOR LOVE OF THE GAME) and even a western (THE QUICK AND THE DEAD)! While all his movies are great, us horror fans have been begging Mr. Raimi to get back to what we think he is best at, and that is making horror films!

Finally our wishes are granted, and Mr. Raimi brings us a true horror film with his latest, DRAG ME TO HELL. My only concern with this is that it is rated PG-13. I have always said there is no point in making a horror movie that is not rated R. The PG-13 really limits you on what you can do and show on screen, and I am really surprised that he agreed to make a PG-13 horror film. I know it immediately widens your audience, therefore basically guaranteeing it a bigger box office return, but still....stick to your guns and demand nothing less than an R rating next time Sam!! I vowed to never waste money on a PG-13 horror movie again after being ripped off earlier this year by THE UNBORN. But...this is Sam Raimi. I will give PG-13 horror one more shot. If anyone can pull it off, I think Sam Raimi can.

Click here to go to the Shocktillyoudrop.com page where you can watch trailers and clips from DRAG ME TO HELL!

Also....IMDB lists an EVIL DEAD remake as "announced" on Mr. Raimi's bio page and it also lists EVIL DEAD 4 as "in development"!! Good news for all us Evil Dead Heads!!!

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