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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Check out contributing writer Scott Baker's new "Shattered Ravings" Facebook Page!!

As most regular readers of the 4H Blog know, I have a friend who is a contributing writer on this blog named Scott Baker.   When my blog took off and was growing strong, I was getting bombarded with tons of screeners to review  (of which I still have about half a ton I need to get through!) and I reached out to Scott for some help.  Being the great friend he is, he happily said yes to being a contributing writer on my blog!   I give him a hand full of screeners and send him on his way, and he gets back to me with some great reviews.    I think it is a great deal because you get a different writing style from him so you aren't always stuck with my boring reviews! Ha!  So you're welcome for that!   

Anyway, most of you probably know that Scott actually runs his own blog called SHATTERED RAVINGS.   But what you probably didn't know is that just recently he has made a Facebook Page for his blog!   Check out his blog and his blog's Facebook page asap!  In fact, "LIKE" the Shattered Ravings Facebook page and you will automatically be entered to win his latest giveaway!  CLICK HERE for info on his latest giveaway!

CLICK HERE to visit the Shattered Ravings Facebook page!!

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