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Sunday, December 4, 2011


Directed by  Adam Deyoe & Eric Gosselin
Distributed by Troma Entertainment and CAV Distribution

Ahh...Troma Films, you gotta love 'em...right?  Ha!  Well, PSYCHO SLEEPOVER is not one I loved, although it's also not one I hated.  I find it hard to write reviews on films like this when I don't really have an opinion in either direction, good or bad, about the film.   It's almost like I don't have anything to say about it since I don't feel strongly about it either way.  But I will give it a shot.  Before I go on, here is the basic plot from the CAV website:

After accidentally murdering her boyfriend, Debbie Dicky moves to a new town and meets three girls who invite her to a sleepover. The very same night there is a` breakout at the local insane asylum where forty serial killers escape and head over to crash the party. However, the girls at the slumber party might not be as helpless as the killers think.

First off, I love the premise of this movie.  Let's face it, the escaped mentally ill serial killer coming to wreak havoc on a slumber party or babysitter or something of the sort has been done before.  Many times before.  But PSYCHO SLEEPOVER is not just about a mentally ill serial killer escaping the insane asylum, it is about 40 serial killers that escape!!  All on the same night, and they are all heading to the exact same house!  HA!  Brilliant!   All the serial killers all have their own unique quirks about them, from their weapons of choice to their "costumes".   The cover of the DVD cracks me up with all the weapons around the edge of the cover all coming toward the "helpless girls".   

Another good thing about this film is the gore.  There is a lot of blood in this film, which is always a plus.  There are a ton of good gore shots, and although most are pretty cheaply done, they are all pretty effective.

The downside to this movie is that although it started off strong with a very funny scene between a regular guy and his catholic goody-two-shoes girlfriend (he is tired of just Eskimo kissing and she isn't ready to go "all the way" to kissing using lips! ha),  and ending strong, the middle just seemed to drag on a bit.   The running time is listed at just 87 minutes but I would swear it was 187 minutes!!
If you can get through that and make it to the end, you are treated to a wild and crazy romp when the girls fight back against the crazy serial killers! 

Like I said before, this one is a toss up for me.   I'm glad I watched it, but I don't see watching this again in the near future.  I can see how this could be a lot of fun as a party movie, if you had a bunch of friends over and just needed some mindless fun, this would be a great film to choose.

The DVD is being released on December 13th  and will contain the following special features:

*  Behind the Scenes
*  Deleted Scenes
*  Outtakes
*  Trailer
*  Audio Commentary

CLICK HERE watch the trailer
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1 comment:

  1. You know, a lot of Troma movies leave the viewer with this kinda ambivalence. Troma has a special place in my heart and the dvd cover and premise are just so inviting..im gonna end up seeing this one! It certainly can't be the worse! ha. Nice review!