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Sunday, December 18, 2011

DVD Review: PEEPING BLOG (2011)

Written & Directed by  Creep Creepersin
Distributed by MVD Visual

PEEPING BLOG is a movie I had never heard of until I found it in my mailbox for review.  After "watching" this film, I can see now why I have never heard of it....it is not worth talking about!
Here is the plot synopsis from the MVD website:

The Peeper has a "how to" website on peeping and stalking called Peeping Blog. On this site he gives advice and helpful hints on those who want to stalk people. Tonight though, he has a new camera and will document his peeping of his new victim. When an unexpected guest shows up at his victims home, he is trapped inside. He must decide if he wants to get caught, make a run for it, or do the unthinkable and take his stalking to the next level of murder.

I never like to talk bad about some one's film....as an aspiring filmmaker myself, I know how much hard work goes into making a film.  BUT.....this film was awful.  Notice I put the term  "watching" in quotes above?  I did that because to be honest, I didn't watch every second of this film...because most of the time I was fast forwarding the DVD until something good happened.   Unfortunately, I ended up fast forwarding through probably 75% of this film.  

The film starts out with a guy in a car filming himself driving around...the camera is pointed out the front window so you get a first person perspective of the "action".  You see him drive down the road, then another road, then through a parking lot and then back through the parking lot, then around in circles in the parking lot for some reason, and so on.  After about 5 minutes of that, the fast forward button was put into use. Later we see the peeper is in a woman's apartment and he watches her as she watches TV, then she eats food!  Then a friend of hers comes over and they....are you ready for this....talk on the couch!!!   Really?   I expected a lot more out of film who's cover boasts the quote "the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY" of stalker films".  The originator of this quote, horrorgrind  (whatever that is), has apparently never seen PARANORMAL ACTIVITY or any decent stalker films before this film, because comparing this film to that is a complete joke.

This movie has a good concept, but it was just not executed well at all.  The film is listed with a running time of 75 minutes, which was about 70 minutes too long for this film.   This would have made a great short film, but it did not have enough substance to warrant a full feature running time. I don't know anything about this director, Creep Creepersin, other than the fact that he has a cool name.  I only wish this film was as cool as his name.  I think I was sent another film for review by this director (Creep Creepersin's Frankenstein), hopefully that film will be better than this one.  Look for that review coming soon.   Until then, my advice is to steer clear of PEEPING BLOG, this one is a real stinker.

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