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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Check out SImon Pegg and Nick Frost's zombie survival mockumentary, DANGER! 50,000 ZOMBIES!

  You all are probably familiar with the names Nick Frost and Simon Pegg.  They are the stars of the great horror/comedy, SHAUN OF THE DEAD.  Well, they had a TV show in the UK called DANGER! 50,000 VOLTS! where they tackled a number of different bad scenarios and how to survive them.   As you can guess, one topic they had to cover was the threat of a zombie outbreak!  Check out this very special and hilarious episode where Nick Frost and Simon Pegg discuss different stories about zombies and give you tips on how to survive a zombie attack.  The episode is available to watch on YouTube (it is split into three different parts).  Click the links below to watch it now!

CLICK HERE to watch DANGER! 50,000 ZOMBIES (part 1)
CLICK HERE to watch DANGER! 50,000 ZOMBIES  (part 2)
CLICK HERE to watch DANGER! 50,000 ZOMBIES (part 3)

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