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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Directed by Ryota Sakamaki
Distributed by Danger After Dark/TLA Releasing

  As some of you know, I am a huge fan of foreign horror films, especially Japanese horror films.  The Japanese make some crazy demented movies, and I love 'em!   DEATH PENALTY.COM isn't too "out there" like some of the Japanese films I've seen lately.  This is more traditional horror, but it still has it's J-horror quirkiness.  I was intrigued with this film from the very beginning after reading the plot synopsis.  Here is the synopsis from the TLA website:

Angry at your boss or has your best friend betrayed you? No worries. Welcome to DeathPenalty.com where you can find a mysteriously masked ally to solve your problem. But there is a catch. For every murder requested, you must commit one and if you don t follow the plan, you are next!!

  Pretty creepy concept...makes you wonder if things like this could actually exist! Let's hope not...but on to the review.   I thought DEATH PENALTY.COM was a very good movie and was very entertaining.  The acting is good from everyone involved.  The death scenes are very well done, some being very brutal.   The movie is neat in that most of the time is spent showing you the computer screen and all the different people logged on to commit the murders. Everyone on the site wears a mask or disguise of some sort, for obvious reasons.  This makes for a very weird forum of characters, all with disguised voices.  One person wears a gas mask, one a crazy clown face, and one even wears a horse head!  Crazy stuff! 

This new DVD from the Danger After Dark series of films is actually a double feature.  Along with DEATH PENALTY.COM, you will also get the sequel, DEATH PENALTY.COM:  A NEW BEGINNING!   Two movies for the price of one!  I haven't checked out the sequel yet, but I plan to soon.  Click on the link below to purchase the DVD!

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer and/or purchase the DVD

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