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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Directed by
Distributed by Apprehensive Films

I just finished watching THE G-STRING HORROR, and this is quite an interesting film to say the least!  I mean, check out that cover....how could you not like this film based on that cover alone! HA!  What is good as the film lives up to that awesome cover and is quite entertaining.  Here is the basic plot of the film from the film's official website:

When a production company starts shooting a horror film in a 100 year old ... and actually haunted ... Sid Grauman built movie palace turned strip club in San Francisco, the 'inhabitants' revolt and take over the movie for their own purposes with bizarre and shocking results.

This film is very interesting in that it is shot in a documentary style, with interviews from the people around the strip club telling their stories of the weird, paranormal activity they have witnessed through the years at the club.   The acting is actually very good in this movie for the most part, something I was a little surprised at to be honest with you.   There are some very creepy visuals as well, mainly from the character of "Baby Doll" that leaves mutilated baby dolls all over the place.  Not sure why, but baby dolls have always creeped me out for some reason!  Also, the "Baby Doll" demon (as seen on the cover) is pretty creepy as well in this movie, good makeup/special effects!

I really wasn't expecting to much out of this but it is actually pretty well done, especially since this is the first film from this director.  Not a bad debut by any means!  I look forward to future films from Mr. Webb.

THE G-STRING HORROR will be available on DVD June 18th of this year and will be available at CD Universe, DVD Planet, Amazon, and many other retailers. You can also Pre-Order the DVD by clicking the link below.

Special Features on the DVD include the following:

*  GHOST ADVENTURES meets THE G-STRING HORROR -- Interviews with the cast members involved with Ghost Adventures investigation of G-string location
*  NATHASHA'S BODY -- Natasha Talonz gets a special effects body mold
*  DEBRA LAMB - PSYCHIC  -- Debra Lamb reads the Market Street Cinema
*  SCREAM BLOODY MURDER -- Behind the scenes look at Baby Doll's murder

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer
CLICK HERE to pre-order the DVD

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