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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tonight while watching THE WALKING DEAD, I will be enjoying a nice cup of coffee from the actual Woodbury Coffee House!!

 How cool is this!   The city of Woodbury, featured in THE WALKING DEAD, is an actual town in Georgia, not a set.  Woodbury is not the real name, though.  The actual name of the town is Senoia, GA.  But, when TWD is filming, Senoia turns into Woodbury, and even when they are not filming, signs of Woodbury (literally) are still all around! 
 Well, my wife was recently in Georgia on a business trip, and decided one day to take a side trip to some of TWD filming locations!!   One of these locations was Senoia, GA, so she got to walk the actual streets of Woodbury!!  Very Cool. She visited the "Woodbury Coffee House" (actually the Senoia Coffee & Cafe) and bought me my own bag of THE WALKING DEAD Coffee!  So, during tonight's episode, I will be enjoying a hot cup of their famous "Zombie Dark" blend!

Keep an eye on this blog, because coming soon will be a guest blog post by my wife, detailing her on-location travels and sharing some very cool pics with you all! 

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