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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Check out the newest film from Kerosene Films, KILLING MR. RIGHT

  I just got a press release from Kerosene Films about their latest film titled, KILLING MR. RIGHT.  You might remember Kerosene Films as the production company behind the indy splatter classic, SPIRIT CAMP.   I did a review of that film a couple of years ago...you can see that review here.
  This latest film is a psychological thriller and stars Kerry Beyer, Brittney Karbowski, and introduces Elizabeth Jackson.  The film begins production in Houston, Texas on July 17th of this year.
  According to the press release, the film is a twisted thriller reminiscent of AMERICAN PSYCHO and FATAL ATTRACTION.  Here is what Mr. Beyer has to say about this new film: 

 "This film is disturbing... it gets under your skin and you don't know who you can trust,". "It takes sadistic to a whole new level, and you'll question how well you know your significant other."

    Sounds like a pretty cool project...I am looking forward to this one for sure! The film is slated for a DVD release sometime in 2014 

  I will pass on any news/info I hear about the film, but you can also keep up to date by checking out the Kerosene Films website, www.kerosenefilms.com

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