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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Motorcyle madness!!

  This weekend in my town of Fayetteville, Arkansas, we had the annual Bikes, Blues, & BBQ Motorcycle rally.  It has really grown in recent years and has recently become the 2nd biggest Motorcycle rally in the U.S., right behind Sturgis!  While cruising around the rally this weekend, I started wondering about horror movies (as I always do) and thinking that I don't recall ever seeing a horror movie about a killer motorcycle.  There has been a horror film about every other type of vehicle including cars (CHRISTINE), trucks (MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE), and even bulldozers (KILLDOZER).  I can't ever recall seeing a horror movie about a killer Motorcycle, though. 
  With a quick Google search, I found there is at least one killer Motorcycle film called, I BOUGHT A VAMPIRE MOTORCYCLE from 1990.   Seems like I remember that title, but I know I have never seen this film. Here is the plot of the film from imdb.com:

When a motorbike gang kills an occultist, the evil spirit he was summoning inhabits a damaged bike. The bike is then bought and restored, but reveals its true nature when it tries to exact vengeance on the gang, and anyone else who gets in its way.

  Does anyone know of any other killer motorcycle movies?  Has anyone seen I BOUGHT A VAMPIRE MOTORCYCLE?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. I picked up Vampire Motorcycle on DVD a while back. I had hyped it up pretty bad in my head, so it definitely disappointed me a little... but that is not to say it isn't a truly bizarre experience. It's just I had read about intense crazy gore, so I went in expecting Fulci levels of blood and guts.

    Definitely recommended, definitely memorable.

  2. Oh also, check out "Heat Vision and Jack". It was a pilot for a TV show with Jack Black and Owen Wilson, produced by Ben Stiller.


    It's a comedy, but the basic plot is that Jack Black's friend is a motorcycle voiced by Owen Wilson. It made me laugh a lot.